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We are pleased to welcome you to the birthplace of the artist, Berta Hummel. On the following pages you will learn that Berta Hummel created much more than those childhood scenes, which later became the basis for the world-famous "Hummel figurines." As you read on, you will learn interesting facts about the Hummel home, a place rich in tradition and culture. The website takes you through the museum itself, informs you about the permanent exhibits and any current special exhibitions. Detailed information is also available about the impressive life of the artist and nun Berta Hummel / M. Innocentia. Finally, in the Museum Shop, you can look through the items available and, if you wish, order directly via internet. Enjoy your visit!

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The Berta Hummel Museum closes it doors on Monday, the 22nd of July, 2019

The closing ceremony took place in the museum itself during an evening program. Over 100 invited guests attended the ceremony. Alfred Hummel presented a review of the last 25 years, followed by a very emotional speech by his son Maximilian, surprising everyone with his unannounced words of praise for his father and his good works. We want to thank all the faithful supporters of our museum and hope that the new Berta Hummel Museum (opening between the end of 2020 and the early part of 2021) on the grounds of the Open Air Museum in Massing will again attract many visitors.

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We´ll close a part of our Hummel-stock and therefore we offer articles out of the Hummel-range on the best terms.
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Sale at the Hummel-museum

Unfortunately, the museum must be closed on July 22th, 2019. For this reason, we sell our stock at extremely favorable conditions. On Hummel figurines (except novelties 2019) and Hummel products of the company Reutter we grant a 30% discount. The discount will be deducted when ordering.
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New home to be built for Berta Hummel

The Berta Hummel Museum is planning a move to a new building in the Lower Bavarian Freilichtmuseum in Massing. Because the costs of the present museum can no longer be covered by the Hummel family, they hope to cut costs by combining it with the Freilichtmuseum. This museum in Massing is also expected to profit from the move.

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Awards Ceremony

The Hummel Museum entered the picture ‚"Corpus Christi Procession“ in the competition "100 Homeland Treasures“, which was sponsored by the Ministry of State for Science and Art in Bavaria. The competition was open to all the museums in Bavaria which are not state owned. The museums each presented an item that belonged to their museum, that had an exciting or extraordinary history behind it and that had a special connection to their town or the area around the town.
The Berta-Hummel-Museum in the Berta Hummel family home presented the picture „Corpus Christi Procession in Massing, 1931.“ Berta Hummel, born in Massing, portrayed well-known citizens of Massing as they walked behind the flags in the procession. Each person was accurately and recognisably characterised. The picture was not allowed to be shown to the public until after her death. The picture belongs to the Berta Hummel Museum.
600 objects were submitted and 100 were awarded prizes. The Hummel picture was among the top one hundred. The jury was made up of the Minister of the Homelands Dr. Markus Soeder, The Minister of Culture Dr. Ludwig Spaenle, the head of the ministry for museums which are not state sponsored Dr. Astrid Pellengahrals, the head of the Bavarian Club for Homeland Culture Martin Woelzmueller and Prof. Dr. Daniel Drascek, head of the department for Arts and Sciences at the University of Regensburg. The awards ceremony was on July 13, 2018 in the chapel at the Münchener Residenz in Munich. Minister of State Prof. Dr. Marion Kiechle and Minister of State Albert Fueracker did the presentations.

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Opening of the Exhibition in Ochsenhausen

On Sunday, July 8th, 2018, the presentation „Berta Hummel , artist and nun“ will open in the Galerie Fruchtkasten in Ochsenhausen. Over 80 Hummel originals from the collection in the Berta Hummel Museum will be presented.. There are also two interesting newspaper articles from a Swabian newspaper dated July 10th, 2018 on display.

Alfred Hummel / 18.03.2019 / eMail

The Exhibition "How everything began"

Consul Hunter Chen from the American Consulate General in Munich opened the exhibition “How everything began“ Berta M.I. Hummel. Many visitors were there including the representative to the Bavarian State Parliament Reserl Sem, the Lord Mayor of Massing Josef Auer and his wife and Sister Witgard Erler accompanied by two other sisters from the Convent in Sießen. Special guest of the evening was Linda La Fleur, president of the American Hummel Clubs Advisory Board. It was a great pleasure to welcome her and her husband on their surprise visit to the exhibition. This exhibition dealt exclusively with the artistic works of Berta Hummel, beginning with her first pictures as a child, then as a grade school pupil in Massing, through her secondary education at the private Catholic school „Englische Fraülein“ in Simbach and on to her works during her studies at the Academy of Applied Arts in Munich. A real highlight of the exhibition are the „Fleißbildchen“ or little pictures often given to school children for good work. The original 6 paintings from which the first little pictures were printed in 1932-33 are being shown to the public for the first time ever. During the search for still-existing „little pictures“, some were also found with English, French, Dutch and Latin titles. Portraits, caricatures and some other pictures used as a basis for the Hummel figurines are displayed in the sitting room. Four Hummel figurines are also on display in the same room - the first Hummel figurine made of terracotta, along with two others - a white and a colored figurine. A black figurine from the series „Zeitgeist“ is also on display.
Pictures with religious motives from her time in the convent in Sießen can be seen in the last room, including the series „ Letztes Schenken“ (the last gift) and a wonderful little madonna, which was drawn by Berta Hummel shortly before her death.
Alfred Hummel, the director of the museum greeted the many guests and invited them to enjoy the buffet. The music from the group „Härtter-Musi“ made the evening perfect.

Alfred Hummel / 18.03.2019 / eMail

New exhibition "How everything began"

The American Consul General Stephen Ibelli will open the new exhibition “How everything began“ on May 17, 2018. A cross-section of the complete artistic works of Berta Hummel will be presented, beginning with her first sketches as a child, her works done during her time at the University of Applied Arts in Munich, and extending to the pictures done after she entered the Franciscan convent in Siessen. Those were the pictures used as a model for the world-famous Hummel figurines. For the first time ever, the first six Hummel originals will be shown, which were the basis for the first "Fleißbildchen“ ( little cards which were often used in schools for pupils who had done their work well). The first “Fleißbildchen“ or little pictures made by the publishing companies, Ver Sacrum and der Verlag für christliche Kunst in München (the Publishing House for Christian Art in Munich) will also be on display. Less well-known "little pictures“ from English, French or Dutch texts will also be shown, as well as other little pictures, such as the artist’s "taking of the vows" or the little pictures that were presented in her memory to the guests at her funeral.

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New line "Veronika Hummel"

The name Hummel is inseparable from the world-famous Hummel-Figurines.
However it is not so well known that the cultural legacy of their creator, Berta Hummel, goes far beyond the lovingly formed children’s figurines.
Veronika Hummel, grandniece and business woman, is now changing this by reviving and reenergizing her family history which is so full of tradition.
She is using the drawings done by her great aunt Berta Hummel during her study time in Munich in the 20’s in a completely new way.
Successfully connecting tradition with modern methods, she is bringing new creations to paper, porcelain and fabrics.
Several years ago, Veronika Hummel made the headlines with her own line of Hummel-Figurines „M.I. Hummel Zeitgeist“ by designing a modern and completely new appearance of the classical Hummel-Figurine.
Today, just as at the time of Berta Hummel, the two Hummel women are striking out in bold new and unusual ways.
Check out all new products from this line in our Online Shop!

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The insolvency proceedings have begun

On November 30, the insolvency proceedings began. The insolvency administrator informed us, that there are two parties who are interested in taking over the Manufaktur. Production is continuing at the normal pace. It is our hope that the new proprietors will take over the factory on January 8, 2018, after the Christmas holidays, and successfully lead it into the future.

Alfred Hummel / 18.07.2018 / eMail

Hummel Manufaktur has declared bankruptcy

The Hummel Manufaktur ihn Roedental has had to declare bankruptcy. Thus the production of the world-famous Hummel figurines is again in a financial crisis. This development has shocked all of us. Nevertheless we are not going into this situation unprepared. In spite of the difficult situation, we are acting on the assumption that the range of products offered by the Hummel Manufaktur enterprise and the brand name M.I. Hummel will continue to exist - even if it should mean under other terms and conditions. Our hopes are primarily based on the fact that these figurines and products are still widely in demand.

We sincerely hope that the jobs in the firm can be maintained, offering a long-term perspective for the men and women working there.

Alfred Hummel / 18.07.2018 / eMail

14th Annual Berta Hummel Race in Massing

The 14th annual Berta Hummel Race took place in Massing on Sunday, March 18th, 2018. In spite of the bad weather - below-zero temperatures and snow showers - over 100 runners took part in the race. Roland Wunderlich and his team did an impressive job of organising the race. The youngest participants ran a 300-meter race, the pupils ran a 1000-meter race and then there were the hobby runners with distances of 2,800 and 8,000 meters. Over 33 walkers, starting before the main race, covered a distance of 7.5 kilometers through the winter wonderland around Massing. 14 women and 42 men started in the main race of 8,000 meters. Irmi Schoenhuber from LG Mettenheim, placed first for the women and Tobias Mainz from TV Eggenfelden took first place for the men. Both winners received a Hummel figurine of considerable value, sponsored by the Hummel Manufaktur and the Berta-Hummel-Museum. And as a special bonus, all of the participants could use the train to and from the competition free of charge - and also the indoor swimming pool in Massing.

Alfred Hummel / 18.03.2019 / eMail

Hummelclub-Convention in Memphis 2017

The American Hummel Club held its yearly convention September 21-23, 2017 in the Peabody Hotel in Memphis, Tennessee. Over 300 Hummel collectors had made the trip to Memphis to meet Hummel friends from all over the world and to listen to the interesting speeches. During the convention donations were also collected in support of St Jude Children’s Research Hospital.
Both Veronika and Alfred Hummel attended the convention in Memphis. Veronika, who has been responsible for the Hummel licensed products since January of 2017, presented the new Hummel items. This included her new line named „Veronika Hummel“ featuring interesting products with motives from Berta Hummel’s university years.
On Saturday afternoon both Veronika and Alfred Hummel spoke about the Hummel family, from the beginning of the family history in 1454 to present. The speeches were interspersed with pictures from the family albums.

Alfred Hummel / 04.10.2017 / eMail

The Exhibition „Picasso and Hummel“ opened on May 24th, 2017

Undersecretary of State Bernd Sibler opened the new exhibition „Picasso & Hummel“ in the Berta Hummel Museum in the Hummel family home.
Museum Director, Mr Alfred Hummel, greeted the assembled guests, including Reserl Sem MdL (Member of the Bavarian Parliament), Mayor Josef Auer with his wife, Bill Nelson who has been the president of the international Hummel Club for many years and the Lutheran minister from Altötting Hans Ulrich Thoma. The Berta Hummel Museum and Hans Ulrich Thoma, who is also an artist in his free time, presented an exhibition in the Lutheran Church in Altötting a few years ago.
The 50 works of art were made available to the Berta Hummel Museum by a private collector. Because the art historian Dr. Herbert Schneider was held up in traffic, Undersecretary Bernd Sibler first greeted the guests and explained the importance of the art museums in Bavaria. He thanked the Hummel family for their many years of dedication and financial investments. The Berta Hummel Museum in the Hummel family home is one of the few art museums which is run privately.
When Dr Schneidler arrived, he gave an informing and interesting talk about Picasso’s life, his multitude of art works and his different and numerous art styles. He then elaborated on the works being shown in the Hummel Museum.
Following the talk, Undersecretary Sibler opened the exhibition and expressed the wish that many, many visitors would take the time to visit the exceptional exposition. The guests were very impressed with the choice of the works shown and the comparison of the two artists.
Museum Director Alfred Hummel invited the guests to the buffet. Two musicians „KuK“ provided the musical background. Later in the evening they even provided some „groovy“ jazz for the remaining fans.

Alfred Hummel / 04.10.2017 / eMail

Picasso & Hummel - Lithographie / Collotype / Etching

May 24, 2017- May 2018

An unexpected liaison between two artists is taking place in the Berta Hummel Museum in Massing. From a private collector the museum has received a number of lithographs, collotypes and etchings - some even with the original Picasso signature. Posters from well-known Picasso exhibitions, mostly in France, together with a ceramic bowl will also be on display. The world-famous Spanish painter, graphic artist and sculptor left a large number of paintings, drawings, collages, sculptures and fine ceramics behind for the world of art appreciation. The total is estimated to be 50,000 works of art. They represent a huge variety of different forms and as many different techniques as well. The works from his blue and his pink period and the beginnings of Cubism (together with Georges Braque) mark the commencement of a very exceptional artist’s career.

Pablo Picasso - often referred to as the “world artist“ - is meeting Berta M. I. Hummel - world famous for her Hummel figurines - in the Berta Hummel Museum. In the 1930’s her Hummel figurines, often referred to as the „Hummel children,“ became more and more popular. For many generations they have represented art to view and enjoy. However, Berta Hummel’s diverse artistic talents remained for the most part unrecognised behind the sweet, perfect world of the Hummel children. She left many works of art behind, many from the time of her studies in Munich where she still signed her works with „Berta Hummel“: water colors of landscapes and flowers-both powerful and fluid-detailed street pictures, exquisite nude drawings, fascinating portraits and brutally honest caricatures. Many of her works of art have only been displayed in the museum in the last few years.

Alfred Hummel / 04.10.2017 / eMail

Our new appretice: Celina Weindl

On September 1st, the 16years old Celina Weindl starded a trainging as an office clark for office management at the museum.
We look forward to a good cooperation!

Alfred Hummel / 22.11.2016 / eMail

Official end of the exhibition in Tolmezzo - Crossing borders - Berta Hummel in Tolmezzo / Oltre i confine - Berta Hummel a Tolmezzo

The exhibition „Crossing borders - Berta Hummel in Tolmezzo / Oltre i confine - Berta Hummel in Tolmezzo“ closed on Sunday, November 13th, 2016. More than one thousand visitors came to the exhibition, many of them from Udine, Triest and as far away as Venice and Milan. At the close of the exhibition Dajana Fascicolo, the curator of the exhibition and Alfred Hummel from the Berta Hummel Museum in Massing made the trip to Tolmezzo to dismantle the exhibition. With the help of members from the "Amici di Simbach“ the pictures were taken down and packed for traveling. Nearly 50 figurines were also packed into the „travel-safe“ boxes. On Sunday the entire exhibition was carefully loaded into two vehicles - one from the city of Simbach and one from the museum. By Tuesday evening everything was back in the museum in Massing. Giovanna Filippi, the president of the circle of friends in Tolmezzo, and Mr Paolo Pati from the city of Tolmezzo thanked the museum director in Massing for the uncomplicated and well-organized teamwork.

Alfred Hummel / 04.10.2017 / eMail

Painting Event on Sunday, September 18, 2016

A large number of visitors attended the painting event in the Berta Hummel Museum in the family home in Massing on September 18th, 2016, where they were able to look over the shoulder of the master painter, Ms Gesslein, while she was working. She brought the newest figurine with her, HUM 21/III "Heavenly Angel“. It is 33 centimeters high and was presented to the public for the first time. The Hummel candles were also presented for the first time. Everyone was interested and many purchases were made. At 2 p.m. Alfred Hummel took a large group of Hummel fans through the exhibition, „Bavaria and Tirol - Berta Hummel and Paul Flora.“ Many of the visitors were interested in both Berta Hummel and Paul Flora and wanted to know why world-famous artists are being shown together with works of Berta Hummel. Over the last few years it has become a trademark of the museum, to make it possible for works of art from other regions to be shown in the area. The director of the museum is already working with a private collector at the moment, hoping to bring a well-known painter and graphic artist to Massing next year. As announced beforehand, the drawing for the door prize took place at 4.30 p.m. First and third-place prizes were Hummel figurines and second-place prize was a Hummel vase from the Hummel gallery series.

Alfred Hummel / 23.09.2016 / eMail

A Day for the Hummel Fans

Many collectors took advantage of the possibility of having their personal Hummel items appraised on Sonntag, July 24th, 2016. They brought old and new figurines, pictures and books, which were then appraised by Alfred Hummel, the competent head of the museum. Many of the owners brought a large number of well-cared for and even quite valuable objects, causing a great deal of satisfaction for all those who participated.

Alfred Hummel / 04.08.2016 / eMail

New in our assortment - Goebel Artis Orbis

Artis Orbis presents paintings of Gustav Klimt as editions for cellectors and a discerning clientele. Elaborate production and high quality manual work result in products of elegance and style. The exclusive collections of Artis Orbis will let you re-experience great art.

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Exhibition now open to the public - Bavaria and Tirol - Berta M.I. Hummel and Paul Flora

The Austrian Consul General Dr. Helmut Koller opened the exhibition „Bavaria and Tirol - Berta M. I. Hummel and Paul Flora“ on Friday, April 15th, 2016.
The director of the museum, Alfred Hummel, greeted the guests and gave a short introduction to the new exhibition. Many of the works by Berta Hummel and Paul Flora have been placed opposite each other so that the artists are in direct dialogue. Paul Flora’s son-in-law, Dr. Thomas Seywald, gave an interesting and amusing talk about his father-in-law, which was then followed by the consul general’s talk on the cooperation between Austria and Bavaria. The consul then officially opened the exhibition. The musical group from Massing „Haertter-Musi“ began their program with baviaran-austrian music and then moved on to more international pieces as the evening progressed.

Alfred Hummel / 20.04.2016 / eMail

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The Berta-Hummel-Museum on facebook

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M.I.Hummel Zeitgeist

M.I. Hummel Zeitgeist is a new interpretation of the classic Hummel-Figurine. By renouncing the painting, the focal point is on the essence of the figurine - its shape. Thereby, main characteristics remain but the different design sets the figurine in a complete new light. Structure instead of ornament. The creative driving force behind the Zeitgeist range are the siblings Veronika and Maximilian Hummel, descendants of Berta Hummel, creator of the world-famous M.I. Hummel-Figurines. With their motto ‘less is more’ the Hummel siblings link arts and crafts tradition with the present. The metamorphosis of a classic to modern sculpture. M.I. Hummel Zeitgeist is being produced by the Manufaktur Rödental in Germany. The high-quality porcelain figurines are made by hand in a complex manufacturing process during which they are molded, cast and go through the process of firing several times.

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Events at the Open-Air Museum Massing

For actual events and exhibitions of the Open-Air Museum Massing please visit

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