"How everything began" M.I. Hummel
May 18,2018 to May 2019

A cross-section of the complete artistic works of Berta Hummel will be presented in this exhibition, beginning with her first sketches as a child, the works done during her time at the University of Applied Arts in Munich, and extending to the pictures done after she entered the Franciscan convent in Siessen. Those were the pictures used as models for the world-famous Hummel figurines. For the first time ever, the first six Hummel originals will be shown, which were the basis for the first "Fleißbildchen“ ( little cards which were often used in schools for pupils who had done their work well). The first “Fleißbildchen“ or little pictures made by the publishing companies, Ver Sacrum and der Verlag für christliche Kunst in München (the Publishing House for Christian Art in Munich) will also be on display. Less well-known "little pictures“ with English, French or Dutch texts will also be shown, as well as other little pictures, such as the artist’s "taking of the vows" or the little pictures that were presented in her memory to the guests at her funeral. A selection of prints never shown before will also be on exhibit.
In 1994 The Berta Hummel Museum in the Hummel family home was opened with the exhibition „Life-long creative works of an artist.“ This exhibition will be the 22nd and will include Hummel originals, some of which have never been shown before. The first Hummel figurine ever made will also be on display. Originally Berta Hummel wanted to do the figurines in terra-cotta or simply in white,. But the W. Goebel Porcelain Factory, the producer of Hummel figurines at that time, convinced her that only colorful figurines would sell. Some time ago the Berta Hummel Museum was able to purchase the first Hummel figurine - a terra-cotta boy on a hike. That figurine will be displayed along with one in white and another in black from the series „Zeitgeist“ (Spirit of the Age)
The Berta Hummel Museum has the largest Hummel figurine collection in the world with over 3,000 pieces. Approximately 500 of those can be seen in the entrance to the museum.
Future Activities:
July 22, 2 p.m. Hummel treasures
Have your Hummel treasures valued
Sept. 30, 1 p.m. Free guided tour of the museum
Dec. 1 and 2 - Christmas program during the Christmas market in Massing

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