Looking back - Berta Hummel's 100th Birthday
Exhibition from May 21st, 2009 to April 2010

"M.I. Hummel" - a name that has become well known in the world of porcelain figurines. From the 1930's until today the "Hummel children" have continued to grow in popularity and have remained a source of enjoyment for generations of children.

For many years a great deal of attention was placed on the "innocent and loving world" portrayed by the children in the figurines, leaving the artist with all her many talents in the background. Her works of art, many of which were done in her pre-convent period during her university time in Munich when she was still signed her work with "Berta Hummel" have remained for us to enjoy. Among them are wonderful water color paintings of landscapes and flowers, local paintings from scenes on the streets of Bavaria in exquisite detail, masterly drawings of nudes, powerful portraits and unforgiving caricatures.

In recent years people have begun to turn their attention toward the not-so-well-known "other Hummel". The story of her life -both private and professional - is a story of success but also one of tragedy, a life greatly influenced by the events of that time.

The exhibition in honor of Berta Hummel's 100th birthday deals with biographical themes. It covers her first pictures with colored pencils done as a happy child and ends with her last drawings, done shortly before her death. An assortment of documents and photographs compliment and complete the exhibition.

Near the entrance the visitor can see an exhibition of old Hummel figurines and Hummel dolls. This is a small but very interesting selection from the archives of the Hummel Museum, the largest collection of Hummel figurines world wide.

The book "I Want to Give Joy - A Fateful Woman's Career" by Dido Nitz, arsEdition München accompanies this exhibition and is available for 29,95 Euros. The ISBN number is 978-3-7607-2964-0

Retrospektive zum 100. Geburtstag von Berta Hummel