City and Country - Honoré Daumier and Berta Hummel
Exhibition from May 12, 2012 to August 31st, 2012

Honoré Daumier was probably one of the most important 19th century French graphic artists in the field of caricatures. He went to Paris at an early age where he, for the most post, trained himself in the fields of painting, sculptures and lithographic prints. When the first magazines dealing with caricatures began to appear regularly, he worked as an artist for "La Caricature" from the years 1830 to 1835 and from 1832 to 1875 for the magazine "Le Charivari". Political satire and criticism of conventional morality were reoccurring themes in his works. His precise and clear-cut style, achieving impressive effects with seemingly little effort, made lithography an art in itself. He made illustrations for books and caricatures in the form of sculptures. In the 1860s he began painting, specializing in the fields of romanticism and early modern realism. Two of his series have been made available for this exhibition by the Olaf Gulbransson Museum in Tegernsee. They are "Honoré Daumier and the Hunt" and "Honoré Daumier and the citizens of Paris".

The exhibition will also be showing a number of caricatures done by Berta Hummel and a number of animal and landscape paintings never before shown to the public. Her pictures also include paintings of city views done during her university years in Munich from 1927 to 1931. Her best-known painting "The Lady in Red" is also on display. At the entrance to the museum, the visitor can see a selection of Hummel figurines from the museums's collection, the largest in the world. In the exhibition also Hummel figurines on display dealing with the theme of hunting, that were modeled from paintings by Berta Hummel herself.

Stadt und Land - Honoré Daumier
Stadt und Land - Berta Hummel