Traces of Humanity - Andreas Kuhnlein / Berta Hummel
March 21st to October 31st, 2014

One of the most important responsibilities for the curator of a museum is making contact with and talking to other artists at the art shows. And that is the way the first contacts with Andreas Kuhnlein and his wife Geli took place - at the opening of the exhibition in Miesbach. The parents-in-law of my daughter Stefanie were also a great help, as they have been friends with Andreas Kuhnlein for many years. As a result we now have the opportunity of showing 23 sculptures in the museums in Massing - 14 in the Berta Hummel Museum and 9 in the Lower Bavarian Open Air Museum.

Andreas Kuhnlein was born in Unterwoessen in the Chiemgau in 1953. For him the tree is the intrinsic symbol for man. Using branches from dead or upturned trees, he turns them into human beings - characterized by their vulnerability and their perishability. Kuhnlein believes that a tree with its annual growth rings bears the same traces of time as the human countenance. They are pictures that make us ask the questions - who are we? where do we come from? and where are we going?
His exhibitions have been seen in a great number of places, both within and outside of Germany.

Berta M.I. Hummel - a name that has become a world-famous trademark because of the porcelain figurines. The march of fame for the „Hummel children“ began in the 1930’s and the porcelain children have been enjoyed by many generations of lovers of the figurines. For many years the versatility of the highly talented young artist remained hidden behind the idyllic world of the Hummel children. But there were many other sides to Berta Hummel. Many works of art from her university time in Munich, before she entered the convent and where she still signed her pictures with "Berta Hummel" remain today. We will be showing pieces of Berta Hummel’s art that complement the sculptures from Andreas Kuhlein. These include religious motives, landscape pictures and portraits.

In the last years more and more people have become interested in this other highly talented Berta Hummel, in her life and her art work. Her story is one of success, an attestation to her time, but also in some ways a tragedy.

Spuren des Menschseins - Berta Hummel
Spuren des Menschseins - Andreas Kuhnlein