Picasso & Hummel - Lithographie / Collotype / Etching
May 24, 2017- May 2018

An unexpected liaison between two artists is taking place in the Berta Hummel Museum in Massing. From a private collector the museum has received a number of lithographs, collotypes and etchings - some even with the original Picasso signature. Posters from well-known Picasso exhibitions, mostly in France, together with a ceramic bowl will also be on display. The world-famous Spanish painter, graphic artist and sculptor left a large number of paintings, drawings, collages, sculptures and fine ceramics behind for the world of art appreciation. The total is estimated to be 50,000 works of art. They represent a huge variety of different forms and as many different techniques as well. The works from his blue and his pink period and the beginnings of Cubism (together with Georges Braque) mark the commencement of a very exceptional artist’s career.

Pablo Picasso - often referred to as the “world artist“ - is meeting Berta M. I. Hummel - world famous for her Hummel figurines - in the Berta Hummel Museum. In the 1930’s her Hummel figurines, often referred to as the „Hummel children,“ became more and more popular. For many generations they have represented art to view and enjoy. However, Berta Hummel’s diverse artistic talents remained for the most part unrecognised behind the sweet, perfect world of the Hummel children. She left many works of art behind, many from the time of her studies in Munich where she still signed her works with „Berta Hummel“: water colors of landscapes and flowers-both powerful and fluid-detailed street pictures, exquisite nude drawings, fascinating portraits and brutally honest caricatures. Many of her works of art have only been displayed in the museum in the last few years.

July 23, 2017 - A Hummel figurine originates from many parts - the Hummel
Museum is 23 years old
October 1, 2017 - 1 p.m. Free guided tour of the museum
December 2-3, 2017 Christmas Market in Massing

Picasso & Hummel - Pablo Picasso
Picasso & Hummel - Berta M. I. Hummel